Sometimes you just KNOW what you want to do with your life. That was the case for Jeremy Eads, of Clio, who knew he wanted to major in Graphic Design when he began researching degree programs on MCC’s website. 

“I went to and started browsing the website and researched as much as I could about the graphic design program before I signed up,” said Eads. “I wanted an associate’s degree and to be readily-prepared for the work force. I felt MCC was attainable and achievable for my goals.”

Eads was happy with his choice. At MCC he found “top of the line, industry-standard software and equipment, and projects and assignments that are current with the design trends and requirements to successfully transition into the working world.”

What was specifically most beneficial to his career were the broad range and scope of his portfolio, and his newfound confidence. “I finally found a sense of belonging at Mott. The professors and students became so much a part of my life that they were like family. Finding a safe place within MCC’s small art community gave me a jump start professionally,” said Eads.

His MCC education definitely prepared him for the career he wanted. Eads credits his experience in Studio 205 with giving him real-world experience with clients. And, the Graphic Design program worked with local design agencies to give students professional portfolio reviews. “We developed a polished portfolio and resume so we were ready to walk off the stage at graduation and into a job interview,” said Eads. “Not only did we develop technical skills, but for me personally, I feel like I gained the confidence I needed to put myself out there.”

He landed an internship offer from Hurley Medical Center on stage at the American Advertising Federation Awards of Greater Flint when he accepted a Best of Show award for the student design competition. When the internship was complete, Hurley hired him as a freelance/contractor for one year. He is currently a full time Graphic Design Specialist at Hurley. “I fit in with the team like a glove,” he said.

Eads is continuing his education by pursing a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design while working full time. “It’s always been a goal of mine to have a BFA and to be a well-rounded artist and designer. I feel like I’m unstoppable!”

Advice from Jeremy Eads to Future Graphic Design Students:

  • Build a solid portfolio of your best pieces during your educational career at Mott.
  • Take constructive criticism and advice from your peers and professors. Learn from your failures.
  • Take advantage of your time outside of college and find real-world projects. Even if they are unpaid!
  • Treat class assignments like professional deadlines! It is good training for a real job.