Gerald Nims was “concerned about picking the right college to attend right out of high school,” so he chose MCC which enabled him to get a good education, close to home, and without breaking the budget. Not only did MCC reduce his stress over where to go to college, it helped him find the career path that was right for him.

“I’ve always been interested in IT,” he said, “but when I first enrolled at MCC I was planning to go into the medical field, like my parents. As much as I love biology and human anatomy, I realized that the thing I wanted to do for the rest of my life is programming and working with electrical components.”

Nims, of Flushing, said he gets “as excited as a kid in a candy store” when he finishes coding something difficult, or learning about circuit components or the hands-on experience of creating a working device. “I may not be learning human anatomy or physiology, but I’m essentially learning the anatomy and physiology of code and circuits!”

He said he especially appreciates the resources available at MCC that enable practical application of classroom lectures. “One of my courses provides students with an electronics toolkit so we can physically dismantle and assemble desktop computers. Being able to get my hands dirty with the physical, internal components of a computer has allowed me to remember the information from that class better,” he added.

Nims believes that taking both IT and Electronics courses gives him the ability to understand a design from two perspectives, the software portion and the hardware portion.  “If everyone knew both the hardware and software side of things, then code would be written with the device specs already in mind and hardware would be created with the code in mind,” he said. He feels that having a thorough understanding of both would promote constructive discourse from both the hardware and software parts of a tech company.

Happy with his decision to start his education at MCC, Nims said “not only made me interested in the subject material that I learn in class, but it has inspired me to learn things outside of class for my own benefit.” His next goal is to transfer to the University of Michigan-Flint to pursue a Bachelor’s of Computer Science.