Do you need to start a career, and fast? What is the secret to getting the training employers want? The latest research shows there are lots of positions waiting for qualified applicants in Michigan.

What do many of these in-demand jobs have in common? They are innovative fields with interesting and challenging careers. And they require only a two-year associate degree or certification—available at Mott Community College.

Take your pick from opportunities in growing fields where a bachelor’s degree isn’t a requirement. You can avoid feeling trapped by student loan debt with an affordable community college education—don’t forget to fill out the FAFSA to get all the help you need.

By enrolling in specialty programs, you finish with highly sought-after skills and credentials. Think about your natural interests and abilities and choose from one of the fastest growing career fields in Michigan.

Rise of the Machines 

Are you a techie? Do you like to work with your hands and problem-solve? Does the complexity of machinery fascinate you?

One of the hottest job markets today is industrial manufacturing. While it may sound old school, the manufacturing trades have come a long way technologically. Mechatronics combines skills in mechanics, pneumatics, programming, and robotics and systems development. Mechatronics technicians design, build, maintain and repair automated equipment and program equipment control systems. MCC offers a certificate in Mechatronics through our Electronics and Electrical Technology program.

A major plus is stackable credentials. Maybe you’ll begin training as a computer numeric controlled (CNC) heavy machine operator, and add machining, welding and industrial maintenance. The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics forecasts that CNC heavy machinery operators jobs will grow by 17% from 2014 to 2024 while mechatronics will grow 15% from 2017-2027.

Median hourly wage in Michigan
Mechanical engineering technician: $27.29
CNC Operator: $14.78
Welder: $18.46

A healing profession

Are you a “people person” with a big heart? Nurses at all levels are in demand everywhere. Your community college offers a range of opportunities to enter this profession. There are many possible specialties: associate degree nursing, medical assisting, medical lab technology, pharmacy technology, respiratory care, practical nursing, occupational therapy assistant and many others. 

Not a people person but you love the medical field? Then MCC’s Histologic Technician program is for you! Histologic technicians assist pathologists by processing and preparing slides from surgical and autopsy tissues, and perform a variety of test protocols that aid pathologists in the diagnosis of disease. They generally work in hospitals, labs, doctor’s offices and universities, and use precision equipment and microscopes.

Not only are these health care jobs available now, employment projections for the healing professions continue to increase as baby boomers age over the next decade.

Median hourly wage in Michigan 
Registered Nurses: $31.65
Histologic Technicians: $26.97
Dental hygienists: $29.42

Plug in to the future

Do you thrive on problems of logic? Love to code? The world is increasingly interconnected with new technologies, devices, networks and systems creating great convenience—and lots of new jobs. And these high tech jobs are not just for those with advanced degrees. 

The more information produced and made available on the internet, the more complicated it becomes to process. “Big data” is more than just the data itself. It is a field of computing that involves new methods of capturing, selecting and analyzing all that information. 

You may have heard of “wearable technologies” and the “internet of things”—computer technology is being woven into every aspect of our lives. Cybersecurity is one of the hottest jobs with a wide range of applications. Information security jobs are projected to grow by 40 percent or more over the next 10 years.

If information technology is your passion, Mott Community College can set you on the pathway to a job in business or government.

Median hourly wage in Michigan 
Web developer: $29.57
Software applications developer: $39.79

Making the world safer

Are you the type of person who wants to protect and defend? Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice is the career for you. MCC’s Criminal Justice program is designed to provide education for students seeking careers in criminal justice and related human service fields including local, county, and state law enforcement, courts, loss prevention and juvenile and adult corrections. 

At MCC, students can pursue an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in Criminal Justice, or head directly into a career as a police officer through the Law Enforcement Regional Training Academy (LERTA), housed at MCC’s Southern Lakes Branch Center. Students who complete LERTA training can also receive 15 college credits toward an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice.

Median hourly wage in Michigan
Police or Sheriff Patrol Officer: $27.99
Corrections Officer: $20.92