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New Mechatronics Certificate Targets Emerging Career Field

Electronics and Electrical Technology is integral to all areas of modern life. This translates into ever-expanding career opportunities for well-trained technicians. Mott Community College’s Electronics & Electrical Technology program has expanded to include a new Mechatronics certificate

New Degree Targets Demand for Highly Skilled Welders

Mott Community College welders are in high demand. Companies like Mott graduates, but they also need welders with next-level skills. Mott currently has a Welding Certificate Program that prepares welders in traditional structural steel plate welding.  New

Hair, Skin and Nail Care is a Growing Industry

To say that hair, nail, and skin care is a growing industry is no joke. The beauty industry is predicted to continue to experience job growth through 2024.  Carol Nielsen, Coordinator for the Cosmetology program in the

[Infographic] Maximize the Middle

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Help Wanted: A Great Communicator

Communication skills are important tools to have under your belt: they can help you land a job, enhance your performance on the job and make you stand out from the crowd . Every employer is looking for