Student Success Story: Nicholas Jerrim

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Nicholas began the Associate of Applied Science in Computer Operations Technology program in 2011. By the time he graduated in 2015, he had earned a total of four Associate’s degrees including Arts, Science and General Studies, and three Certificates in Computer Programming, Computer Science and Computer Information Systems. And, Nicholas says, “there were 2 or 3 additional certificates I could have earned with just one or two more classes.”

Nicholas came to Mott to take advantage of the low cost tuition and the flexible schedules, with many computer classes being available online, that allowed him to continue working while taking classes. What’s more, the credits were transferable to UM-Flint where Nicholas completed a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.

“I watched my dad get forced out of the auto-industry after years of working because he had no degree on his resume, and, even though I was working in an entry level IT position before starting college, I knew I needed the degree to stay relevant and make sure I was protected,” says Nicholas who has just begun a full time position as an SAP Consultant with a local company. “This position is a really good mix of the technical and business skills I learned at MCC and UM-Flint, plus I get ot work from home which is a dream for me”

Nicholas says, “I’m happy that I chose MCC for my associate’s degree, the professors were really knowledgeable and great people to bounce ideas off of.”

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