Student Success Story: Delrico Shine

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Levelling Up for a Better Career

“I was excited about his degree program when it was still just an idea,” said MCC student Delrico Shine, of the Associate of Applied Science for Health and Fitness Professionals. Delrico started at MCC as a Sociology major with a goal of becoming a social worker. “As I progressed further in my studies I decided I was more interested in a field related to education,” he said. “I was on the verge of a degree change when the Health and Fitness Professional degree was being developed. This opportunity has come at the right time for me. It will allow me to blend my interests in physical fitness and educating others.”

Delrico is already a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, and is currently working on becoming a licensed nutritionist. He is interested in pursuing the transfer pathway to a four-year degree program. “My ultimate goal is to be a strength and conditioning coach for a professional sports team,” he said.

In addition to college, Delrico currently works for Anytime Fitness. “I have specialized in corrective fitness,” he said, “I assess imbalances in my client’s body and work with them to correct these imbalances before they become a bigger medical problem.”

His own favorite workout is strength training, but he enjoys exploring other fitness regimens, and is considering taking a Pilates class to improve his flexibility. “Fitness is its own world with many ‘denominations’ if you will. Everyone finds the type of fitness training that works best for them,” he said. “And other than horrible posture, there is no right way or wrong way to pursue fitness.”

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