Student Success Story: Carr Melton

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Levelling Up for a Better Career

 Carr Melton gets teased sometimes because of his career choice – he is an Automotive Technician (so he works on cars). Carr, of Fenton, enrolled at MCC without a clear idea of what career he wanted, “I just knew I liked working with my hands and MCC was affordable,” he said.  He discovered the field of Automotive Technology and found he enjoyed working on cars.

He had just finished his Associate Degree of Applied Science in Automotive Technology when MCC became a Mopar Career Automotive Program (CAP) LOCAL training program site. He landed a job at Suburban Chrysler of Ann Arbor and started the online training modules in the Mopar CAP program.

“It was a lot of online work in the beginning of the training,” he said, “but later there were more instructor-based, hands-on classes, which I really like.” He has finished the Zero Level and Level One trainings and is currently working on the Level 2 and 3 training models. “It is a great way to keep your tech skills up to date,” he said, and a great way to advance his career.

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