Online Programs at MCC

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Fall 2017 is an exciting time at MCC—the College will launch three fully online programs in Computer Information Systems, Early Childhood Education, and Accounting. The programs, all Associate’s degrees, mark a new direction for the College.  While the college has offered many online courses, no degree program was completely online.

“We are excited to be able to offer more flexibility for our students,” says Dr. Amy Fugate, Vice President of Academic Affairs, “We’ve known for a long time that we have a unique mix of students who would benefit from the availability of fully online programs. We have student parents, military spouses, and working adults who need to fit their education in to a busy schedule or be able to complete a program remotely.”

Dr. Fugate continued, “This addition of online programs gives those student more access and allows us to better serve that segment of our population.”

Even students who do not choose to complete the full program online can take advantage of the increased number of online class options. And, the programs and individual courses are transferable for four-year colleges and universities.

“Our faculty have done an outstanding job preparing the curriculum and the tools needed to accommodate a larger online student population,” says Dr. Fugate, “And we know from our current students that they are continually impressed by the support they receive from instructors in their online and hybrid classes—many saying they feel as though they have the best of both worlds, flexible schedules and faculty who will go out of their way to ensure they understand the material.”

Regardless of the type of program, on-campus, online, or a mix, MCC is committed to providing excellent educational opportunities for all students.



The online Accounting program at MCC provides an interactive learning environment for busy students. The two-year Associate of Applied Science in Accounting program prepares students for entry level accounting jobs with graduates competing for positions in payroll, accounts payable, bookkeeping, and more.

The program also transfers as the basis for a Bachelor’s in Accounting that opens up more advanced career positions.

“One of the great features of our program in general, either on campus or online, is that we offer governmental and non-profit accounting in an associates degree—those types of classes are generally senior level classes,” said program director Lisa Novak, “But we know that our students need to know that language and terminology to get into the business and we wanted to give them that edge.”

On campus students benefit from having these online courses available too. Many of the four-year accounting programs available for students to transfer into offer either hybrid or fully online Bachelor’s degree programs.

MCC also offers an Accounting Certificate program that pairs well with a Business Degree and qualifies graduates for clerical-level positions in accounting.

For more information about the online Accounting degree program, or any of the programs in Business, visit or call (810) 762-0429.

Computer Information Systems

Computer Information Systems is the first fully online program in the Technology Division. This program prepares students to design and build computer software using a variety of programming languages and design concepts for both stand-alone and networked computers, and web-based environments.

“Taking a program like this, that teaches students how to be savvy computer, software and web professionals, and adding a fully online version was a logical evolution,” said program coordinator Robert Benard, “the types of students we get in this program generally know coming in that they have a love for all things computers and take naturally to an online learning environment.”

The Associate of Applied Science program prepares students for careers as Computer Operators, Programmers, Systems Analysts or User Support Specialists, or as Database Administrators, Software Application Developers, Web Developers, and more.

MCC also offers a campus based Computer Information Systems degree, Associates of Applied Science in Computer Network Engineering and Computer Occupations Technology and many Information Technology certificate programs. Since many classes overlap several degrees, expanding the online class offerings helps more than just the students in the Computer Information Systems program.

For more information on this new online degree program, or any of the programs in Information Technology, visit or call (810) 762-0500.

Early Childhood Education


Early Childhood Education credentials are easier to earn with the fully online Early Childhood Education Associate’s Degree.

“Many of our students come to us already working in an Early Childhood setting, in a daycare, for example, and want to keep their current position while they expand their skills and gain credentials,” said program coordinator Becky Garske, “Our online program makes that possible and we have designed the program so that, in many cases, they can use their current position as their classroom/lab setting to fulfill almost all of the requirements for working directly with children.”

For those who enter the program without current childcare positions, MCC faculty will place them in approved facilities to complete their on-the-job education. Many students are hired by childcare facilities even before they have finished their programs.

“There are many early childcare positions currently vacant in Genesee County and throughout the state,” added Garske. “The added emphasis on the value of licensed education providers means that our students are highly sought after.”

MCC offers multiple programs and pathways in Early Childhood Education, including a one-year Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential, an Early Childhood Education Infant/Toddler Certificate or Early Childhood Education Certificate, and an Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education.

An added benefit of the online programming at MCC is that the program will transfer to many other colleges and universities who also offer online Bachelors degree programs.

For more information on the Early Childhood Education programs at MCC, visit or email Becky Garske at


Creating A Virtual Campus – Mott has Expanded Digital Services

In addition to launching their fully online programs this Fall, MCC has debuted a more functional virtual campus with expanded digital services including:

My Backpack: this online self-service center gives students access to many of the services they need including online class searches and registration, messaging with advisors, account management and the ability to make payments online.

MyQ: This virtual ticketing system gives students the ability to get in line for many of the offices on campus—financial aid, cashier, advising, and more—from anywhere. The process is easy: text the MyQ system, choose a queue, and wait for a text alert when their turn is approaching.

My Mobile App: This free app, available for Apple and Android devices, features BlueDot wayfinding technology giving students turn-by-turn walking directions from where they are on main campus to their destination. It also gives access to their current schedule, their Backpack, and their account to check grades, update contact information and more.

Online Scholarship Application: MCC students can now research and apply for over 50 public and private scholarships at using one, easy to follow online application.


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