Student Success Story: From the Navy to Nursing

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Mott_Navy_to_nursingWhen Robert Stanton left the Navy he had a few medical classes under his belt and was looking for a challenge. He decided a medical career was the right path, so he took his mother’s advice an enrolled in Mott Community College’s Nursing program.

Upon graduating from Mott he took, and passed, the NCLEX, and is currently working in the Hurley Medical Center Emergency Department. “I believe I am one of five or six students from my graduating class who hired in at Hurley,” he said.

“I liked the program,” he said. “It seemed a bit more rigorous than some of the other Nursing programs I heard about from people at work. I think it better prepared me to hit the ground running.”

Robert appreciates that Mott gave him the opportunity to do more hands-on work and have more clinical hours than some other Nursing program offer. “And of course, the faculty are great,” he said.

His advice to students interested in the Nursing program at Mott? “Prepare to work hard, you get out of it what you put into it. Anyone can just get through it, but if you don’t want to apply yourself, it’s probably not your program.”

And the learning doesn’t stop once you get the job he said. “It’s the same in the working world, there is still a steep learning curve when you get into the actual job, and if you aren’t willing to work hard it’s not the career for you.”

He has his sights set on the next goal now. Robert will be attending UM-Flint in the fall to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing degree and a Master’s degree to be a Nurse Practitioner.

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