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Mott_languagesMCC’s Foreign Languages Lab, Gorman Study Center, Writing Center & Math Empowerment Center

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Mott Community College has built-in support services to help students succeed academically so they can achieve their career goals. Four of those support services include the Foreign Languages Center, Gorman Study Center, the Writing Center & the Math Empowerment Center. These Centers are a place for students to meet with peer tutors, and other students, to get extra educational assistance outside the classroom.

“It is a supplement to the classroom and reinforces what they are learning in the classroom,” said Todd Troutman, Dean of Science and Mathematics.  “Learning is a social process and we provide the physical opportunity to learn from interaction with peers. Learning doesn’t always have to be through an instructor or tutor,” he added

“Peer assistance can be as valuable as instructor assistance because peers are closer to the confusion,” said Philip Greenfield, Associate Professor of English, “meaning, they have more recently gained an understanding of the subject matter so they can explain it in ways someone who is struggling with the topic can understand.”

The Foreign Languages Center has student tutors, many of whom are native speakers of a particular language, according to Patricia Bergh, Dean of Humanities.  “Students often come to the Center to practice as a social activity. There is no better practice than casual conversation in a situation where you are not going to be graded,” she added. Students frequently use a floor-to-ceiling white board to practice writing in Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, French and German.

The Gorman Study Center offers students the use of a 30-station computer lab complete with anatomy and physiology models and a quiet room. It is a space for current students to study in small groups or individually, use computers, and/or access science resource materials such as the Anatomy and Physiology models, said Troutman.

The Math Empowerment Center is open in the fall and winter semesters (including Saturdays) and for limited hours during the spring and summer semesters. It is staffed by mathematics faculty and student tutors. Space is provided for small group and individual study, students often work in groups to solve problems, using the white boards so everyone can follow the process.

The Writing Center is not just for students taking writing classes. It offers assistance with writing assignments, help with outlines for speech classes and navigating assignment sheets for any class.  There is also reading tutoring available by appointment in the Center, with reading instructors working directly with students in developmental classes. The Writing Center also offers help with resume writing for students and general community. Additionally, students taking classes at one of the branch centers can connect via video phone to consult with Writing Center. It is open in all four semesters. Students with appointments get priority, but walk-ins are welcome.

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