President’s Welcome

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Mott_presidentAs President of Mott Community College I am proud to share with you this edition of CareerFocus highlighting why Mott Community College is one of the top community colleges in our nation. Our academic and workforce programs represent a standard of excellence the community has relied on for almost 100 years.

We translate that excellence into everything we do, from developing and implementing regional initiatives, training individuals for in-demand jobs, spearheading technological initiatives and partnering with local institutions to support economic development.

We are proud that Mott houses the region’s only FabLab, offering access to high-tech equipment for aspiring entrepreneurs and an emerging talent pool of 21st Century skilled trade workers for Michigan businesses. These skilled trades continue to be the fastest growing segment of the labor force nationwide. They include health care careers such as Respiratory Therapy, Nursing and Occupational Therapy Assistant and technological careers such as Computer Aided Drafting and Design, Robotics Programming, and the more traditional skilled trade fields such as Electrician and Welder. Mott Community College offers degrees or professional certifications in all of these middle skills careers.

The College recently implemented a number of student success initiatives including Degree Pathways, providing students with well-structured paths and support to complete their certificates, degrees, and transfer programs in a timely manner.

Due to the exceptional foresight of my predecessors, we offer a wide, diverse spectrum of academic programming. Students can begin their Path to Excellence on our campus as early as ninth grade, by attending Mott Middle College. Mott also offers the ability to complete a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree on our campus by attending one of five universities that comprise our University Center.

Our tradition of excellence continued this year when the college was named one of the top 150 community college nationwide by the Aspen Institute. Additionally, students, faculty and staff were recognized nationally and statewide. Dr. Candace Muñoz, Professor/Coordinator of Speech Communication, and Christine Stoliecki, Instructor in Political Science, won the American Association of Women in Community Colleges 40 Under 40 award, and Dr. Brian Ivory and Dale Weighill were named a Champions of Engagement for 2016 by Michigan Campus Compact. Students Ebony Moon and Tanya Ziacan were recognized by Michigan Campus Compact for Community Impact, and the Honors College Clown Troupe won the Innovations in Community Impact Award for 2016 from Michigan Campus Compact.

I am honored to serve at an institution like Mott, whose students, faculty, staff, administrators and graduates, make real and measurable contributions to our nation, state, and region. Please visit Mott Community College soon so you can experience excellence at its best!

Looking Forward!

Dr. Beverly Walker-Griffea, President
Mott Community College

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