Honors College Graduate Ebony Moon

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Mott_Ebony_MoonEbony Moon knows first-hand the benefits of the Honors College at Mott Community College. Going to school full time, working part-time and raising a family, she found the Honors College gave her that extra support network she needed to succeed.

“I have people that have my back like family and friends but there is nothing like someone going through the same struggle as you, or in a different way with you, to help motivate and cheer you on,” she said. “I met some amazing people in the Honors College who will do great things in life.”

The Honors retreats solidified the experience for Ebony. “They were awesome experiences!” she said. “Not only did they teach us skills we could use in school and at work, but they helped us get to know more about our fellow honors students and what made them tick. The retreats brought us closer together and made us a family.”

Ebony credits the Honor College with giving her the confidence to continue her success after Mott. “The Honors College has helped me get out of my box and be a more outgoing person and well-rounded individual. Being part of the College opened my eyes to things I may have overlooked and helped sculpt me to be a better ME. With the leadership skills, team work skills and the confidence that I developed in the Honors College, I have no other option than to succeed in whatever I choose to do in my future.”

Ebony graduated in April 2016 with her Associate’s degree in Electronics and Electrical Technology-Robotics.

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