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Mott_start_your_journeyWhether it’s a big corporation or the locally-owned shop around the corner, more and more business takes place on a global scale. Employers are looking for employees with intercultural skills and cross-cultural understanding. Mott Community College’s International Institute will prepare students for the global marketplace with an International and Global Studies (IGS) endorsement on an Associate’s degree.

“The IGS Program is a program of choice for students looking to transition into a four year degree with a global career focus,” said Stephen Shubert, Dean of Business at Mott Community College. “It is a flexible endorsement in that it partners with any area of study. We have worked diligently to ensure all courses in the IGS program are non-U.S. focused. So, an IGS student would take a history course focused on a foreign country rather than a U.S. History class.”

The IGS program at Mott Community College, launched in January of 2016, combines academic work with international experiences to prepare students for success in an increasingly interconnected world. In addition to coursework toward an Associate’s Degree, students complete a variety of classes with a global focus, including Introduction to International Business, History, Geography, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Anthropology and foreign language courses.

Additionally, students are required to complete an international or global experience such as study abroad, international service learning, mentoring an international students, international internship or research project. They will also participate in on-campus international events and complete a capstone presentation upon graduation.

Participants in the IGS program will receive individualized mentoring by an MCC International Institute staff member, an IGS diploma upon completion of an Associate’s degree, IGS endorsement on their Mott transcript and an IGS medallion upon graduation.

Mott Community College IGS graduates will stand out above others in demonstrating their readiness to thrive in the global marketplace.

The International Institute and International & Global Studies endorsement were launched in 2015. The Institute has brought two international speakers to campus including Fulbright Scholar Dr. Carmel Christy Kattithara Joseph, Assistant Professor of Journalism at Kamala Nehru Women’s College, New Delhi, India, and Fulbright Scholar Dr. Tomoyo Nakao, Associate Professor of History at Okayama University, Japan.

These speakers offer MCC students, and the public, a unique opportunity to engage with the wider world,” according to Brian Harding, Associate Professor of History and Coordinator of the International Institute at Mott Community College. “Dr. Kattithara gave us an insightful perspective on how geography is a socially produced reality, and how it impacts self-identity of women. Dr. Nakao gave students a deeper understanding of the impact of World War II on both sides of the Pacific,” he said.

In addition, the Institute partnered with the Foreign Language Department to host a Japan Festival featuring art, games, music, food, traditional tea ceremony and sword demonstration.

For more information about the International and Global Studies (IGS) endorsement, contact Brian Harding at 810-762-0516 or via email at

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