CNA – Fast Track Into a Career

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Mott_CNAThe Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certificate at Mott Community College is a fast track into a Health Care career for many, and a building block for students interested in pursuing a Nursing degree, according to Patricia Ward, Coordinator for Allied Health at the College.

The CNA program consists of one course taken in 7.5 weeks that includes four credit hours of clinical and theory and six contact hours. “Then you are done and can get a job,” said Ward. “For a lot of people it introduces them to the college environment and it opens the door for them to see other career opportunities,” she added.

“It gives people experience working with patients and is a small investment in time to discover a career path. It is especially good for those considering a career in Nursing,” said Ward.

The course, NAPP 123, is approved by the Michigan Department of Community Health.

Students who complete this course are eligible to take the State Written/Oral Competency Test and the State Clinical Skills Test. Success in both tests results in placement in the Nurse Aide Registry. The course prepares individuals to provide basic nursing or nursing related services primarily to patients in extended care facilities.

Students interested in registering for the CNA program must have a State of Michigan and Federal criminal background check done and cleared before enrolling.

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