Mott Community College Makes Major Commitment to Lapeer

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Mott Community College first opened its Lapeer site in 1993. Since then, the MCC site has boomed with steadily growing enrollment and expanded class offerings.  Thousands of Lapeer County residents have flocked to the MCC site at 550 Lake Drive, west of the City of Lapeer, to take advantage of this convenient location and get started on earning a college degree. Many more took classes to add to their career skill sets and others just took classes that interested them.

Over the years, MCC repeatedly increased its commitment to Lapeer County but this year that commitment rose to a new level.

After almost 20 years of leasing space from the City of Lapeer, Mott College and the city recently announced a deal for the college to buy the property as a permanent site to serve Lapeer and the Thumb areas.

Last year MCC was named one of the ten best community colleges in America (out of 1,200 community colleges) by the Aspen Institute in Washington, DC.

Speaking before the Lapeer City Council in September, Lapeer City manager Dale Kerbyson said, “This demonstrates the long-term commitment of the college to the Lapeer community. It also enhances our economic development infrastructure, since education is such an important part of the development site selection process.”

Kerbyson went on to add, “This is great news for the entire community that values education and we’re glad to see they’re making plans to be here for many years to come.”

This month The County Press praised the agreement in an editorial entitled “MCC an asset to Lapeer County.” That editorial stated, “We suspect there are many residents who have little knowledge about MCC, especially senior citizens and retirees who have worked a lifetime at a job or a career, but for the younger crowd under age 40 MCC-Lapeer is likely making a difference every day.”

Desiree Londrigan, Site Director of MCC-Lapeer, also took pride in this new move. “For almost 20 years, MCC has provided residents of Lapeer and surrounding counties access to quality and affordable post-secondary educational opportunities,” Londrigan stated. “With the purchase of our existing building and the 12-acres surrounding the campus; students, residents, and local businesses will benefit in many ways. Certainly, the economic development infrastructure of Lapeer will be enhanced from the purchase. More importantly, the proposed internal infrastructure improvements to the classrooms will provide both faculty members and students’ better teaching and learning environments. Not to mention other plans in the future to improve the building and grounds to give them a face lift and more curb appeal. With these changes, more potential students will attend classes at this location.”

“I am absolutely thrilled with the commitment made by MCC officials to this community,” she concluded.

There are lots of reasons to attend Mott Community College in Lapeer.  The small class size means you’ll get personal attention and won’t get lost in the crowd. Aside from the obvious convenience, MCC offers transferable credits that can transfer anywhere in the state.  Especially these days, MCC means you can save money because of MCC’s low tuition (as well as saving on room, board and travel).

One of the great advantages of Mott College is professors who teach their own classes rather than leaving it to grad students and teaching assistants.

Mott College is known across the nation for the high quality of its teaching faculty.  In fact, last year MCC was named one of the ten best community colleges in America (out of 1,200 community colleges) by the Aspen Institute in Washington, DC.

Lapeer areas businesses also benefit from MCC’s Corporate Services, which provides customized training targeted to the needs of the business community.

Mott Community College in Lapeer offers a strong foundation on which to build your future. Get started at MCC.

If your interest is traditional college classes, call (810) 667-4166. If your business needs training, call MCC Corporate Services at (810) 667-6546. For more information on the full range of service from Mott College, visit the website at

One thing is certain; MCC Lapeer Campus and its involvement in our community will continue to grow and change to meet the needs of Lapeer County.

Michael Kelly

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