Mathematics Options at Mott Community College Where should students start? What courses should students take?

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Students at Mott Community College have new options in mathematics classes which are tailored to fit the goal each student has set for their career choice or course of study.  All MCC’s graduation requirements for an Associate’s Degree include a 100-level math course.  Students will find their choice of four initial classes at this level which meet that requirement, depending upon the degree sought or course of study followed.  These initial courses are:  MATH 115 – Foundations of Mathematics II; MATH-128 – Technical Math; MATH-120 – Intermediate Algebra; and MATH-123 – Beginning and Intermediate Algebra.


The graphic above shows the pathways through math requirements that students may take.  The pathways are:  Stat Track, Tech Track, STEM Track and the Accelerated STEM Track.

Students interested in a career in Respiratory Therapy, Graphic Design, Culinary Arts, Automotive Technology, Dental Hygiene or a similar field can consider the math options in the STAT track, since these areas accept any 100-level math course.

Students who are enrolled in liberal arts studies should also consider the STAT track.  These students do not need a rigorous study of algebra, but do need to look at mathematics as a tool for analyzing and interpreting information in the form of data. This track will prepare students for a formal statistics course that may be required to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in their course of study, should the student choose to transfer.

Careers in Applied Technology, Building and Construction, CAD and Design, and Industrial Technology will require math options in the TECH track at a minimum.
Students who are seeking a Certificate or Associate’s Degree in a specific trade or skill area should consider the TECH track. Students in this set of courses will utilize math in application. Most students in this group are not planning to transfer to another institution for a four-year Bachelor’s Degree.

Computer Information Systems, Computer Network Administration or Engineering, Early Childhood Education, Accounting or students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution to complete a degree in Engineering, Mathematics or any of the Sciences should take math options in the STEM track or the Accelerated STEM Track. STEM is an acronym for the fields of study –Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Students who need the STEM track courses are those who are required to have a rigorous study of algebra and are planning to transfer to a four-year institution for a Bachelor’s Degree. Many students in these fields will want to complete the most rigorous math courses available as quickly as possible so their time at Mott College can be spent studying the sciences including advanced biology, chemistry and physics or advanced mathematics courses.

Recently, the Mathematics Area developed two opportunities for students at Mott College to be able to complete mathematics requirements in less time. For students who want to accelerate courses being taken in the STEM track, there are two “accelerated” courses to facilitate this. MATH-123 Beginning & Intermediate Algebra provides an opportunity for students to take both MATH-082 and MATH-120 in a single class. This would normally take two semesters. MATH-145 Pre-Calculus is a combined course which includes MATH-130 – College Algebra and MATH-140 – Trigonometry. Both accelerated courses allow the two equivalent courses to be taught in a single course in a single semester and for fewer credit/contact hours. For students who have not placed out of developmental courses on the Mott College Placement Test, or for students who may need to meet a prerequisite not yet successfully completed there is Math Boot Camp. Math Boot Camp offers a three-day intensive experience for students to learn math content. It offers students the opportunity to retake the Math Placement Test. Math Boot Camp will be offered on Mott College’s main campus during the weeks of July 22 and 29.

Accelerated Courses and Math Boot Camp are creative solutions to help students achieve their goals in less time and with less expense. The college continues to strive for being the most affordable option for area residents and these two programs exemplify our continued focus on the student. These options will make it possible for students to learn the math that they need in less time and enhance their studies. We are doing all that we can to make college affordable and at the same time maintain our high quality instruction that leads to student success.
Readers are reminded to look at Mott’s website for the most up-to-date information about your program’s math requirements, or to check with a counselor, adviser or program coordinator for your course of study.

Johanna Brown

MCC Holds Math Boot Camp

This summer Mott College is providing a valuable opportunity for MCC students to accelerate through the developmental sequence of Mathematics by participating in a skill improvement program known as “Math Boot Camp”. The Math Boot Camp experience is a three-day, twelve-hour opportunity for students to improve their math and test-taking skills. Activities offered to the students in Boot Camp are individualized and focus specifically on skill area needs.

Participating students earn an opportunity to re-take the math portion of the placement test. There are many reasons why students underperform on math placement tests; therefore the mission of the program is to provide an opportunity for concerned students to improve their skills and earn a spot in a more advanced course. Students in last year’s Math Boot Camp achieved great success: 4 out of every 5 Boot Camp participants who retook the Math Accuplacer test placed one to two levels higher in MCC’s math sequence.

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