Different Faces of Success

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As a female in a predominately male profession, MCC student Crystal Guth had some initial apprehension when she entered the program. “The first week of classes, I was afraid of the equipment and ready to drop the class,” Guth recalled. “Talking with the instructor, he told me to watch until I was confident to operate equipment on my own. After a week I was using everything in the lab.” Success soon followed. “I have completed the certificate program at Mott Community College and passed all 9 AWS tests. I just started as a pro-tech for the Genesee Area Skill Center welding classes.”

Jesse and Joshua Jarnigin, twin brothers that came to MCC’s Welding program through the Genesee Area Skills Center Welding Program, agree that the MCC program was essential to their success in a career as welders. “Certification of employees is a necessity to a company doing welding,” Jesse stated as Joshua agreed.

Not every student in MCC’s program is a traditional college student. Aaton Auten came back to school after years in the workforce. “I need to work and pay bills,” Auten stated flatly. “I needed to attend training. Welding courses offered in the evening and nights made going to classes possible to work while taking classes. I am now working as a welder and purchasing welding equipment to start my own business.”

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